Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trying to Become Active Again

Hi everyone!

I don't necessarily consider myself as starting over right now.  I guess when it comes to blogging, I am definitely coming back after a long absence.

I am still in NYC, and still working on a PhD.  My first year in the program was tough, but I got through it and I am still here.  I have really enjoyed the city in the spring/summer.  I honestly was not too pleased during the winter.  Really cold temps are not for me.  I survived my first blizzard.  Well, I think it was a blizzard.  It set records for snowfall in Manhattan.  I still think snow is really pretty, but only when it's fresh lol!  After people get out and walk in it, it looks disgusting lol!

These are the only pics I have left from the blizzard.
As I have already said, the city this time of year is amazing!!!  I have spent a lot of time just walking around and exploring.  I have fallen in love with Hudson River Park and the beach/boardwalk at Coney Island.  I leave when Coney Island begins to get crowded later in the day though.  Everything this summer seems to be going perfectly.

Coney Island Beach


About two months ago I had fibroid surgery.  I completely underestimated recovery time.  It was awful, but 8 week later, I am so happy I did it.  I also saw an endocrinologist right before the surgery, and my glucose levels were technically normal, but at the highest number for what is considered normal.  So, she told me to cut the sugar and drop some weight, which is what I have been doing.  I am currently sitting at 229.  So, I've lost 31 lbs since my high of 260 last Jan.  The lowest weight I can remember seeing on the scale in the last decade was 223, so I am excited about being close to that again and surpassing it.

During the past two weeks, I have really been working hard at working out and eating at home.  For exercise I am hitting the gym, and planning to start C25K again.  My body has gotten used to walking around the city, so my everyday walking is no longer enough for me to see results.  In the gym I normally use the Life Fitness Flex Strider, which I enjoy more than the normal elliptical machine for some reason.  Depending on the day, I am on it for 30-60 min.  I have not started C25K yet, but hopefully, I will be blogging about it soon.

I am still figuring out my strength training routine.  I love weights, but I still feel intimidated using free weights, so I have not been squatting or deadlifting, which is what I really want to do, but can't work up the nerve to just go grab a rack with all of the guys around.  I'll work on that.


Short Term: I would really like to see 225 by my birthday, but my birthday is less than a week away, so that probably is not going to happen.  So, I am readjusting to simply losing weight by my birthday.

End of the Year: Before I go home for Christmas break I want to be in Onederland.  That means I need to lose about 30 lbs in just under 6 months.  I know this is a completely reasonable and doable goal.  I just have to stay committed, active, and disciplined.  It would be a wonderful Christmas gift to myself.

In general, I am in a good place right now and extremely happy.  Exercise is a great mood booster, so even on days when I feel like doing nothing, I remember how I feel after working out and I go anyway.  Here's a sweaty workout picture from yesterday.  I must admit that I get a sense of pride from knowing I pushed myself physically, and still survived lol!

Have a wonderful day everyone!