Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quick Update

Today's post should be pretty quick, but TOM has struck and I am feeling AWFUL.  Yesterday was a cardio day for me.  I spent 25 minutes on the elliptical and 23 minutes doing a jogging interval...1 minutes jogging and 3 minutes walking for 1.4 miles.

Today I did not do anything.  I have felt quite terrible all day.  I can add in today's workout with tomorrow's workout I think.  If not, I can just bump my schedule by a day.  It shouldn't be a problem.

I am sore.  My legs are so so, but my arms hate me.  My upper body is so weak.  Anyway, that's really all I have to say today.  I just feel so blah.

Here's a pic from my jogging yesterday.  Have a good one!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 2

Today's blog should be pretty quick.  I don't have too much to say, but I wanted to make a record of what I did today.  I would also like to add that my legs are not sore.  I can tell that I worked them, but I am not what I would call sore.  My soreness normally kicks in 36-48 hrs after I workout, so I will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow.

I am happy to say that I did workout today even though I did not feel like it.  TMI Alert: I can feel TOM coming along...probably later today or first thing in the morning.  I am starting to feel really crappy.  Anyway, I woke up late, but I went to the gym for a little cardio and upper body strength training.  Like yesterday, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I am starting to think of this as my warm-up.  It gets my body loose and prepared for whatever else I plan to do.  So, here's what I did.  Oh, all strength training exercises were on machines, no dumbbells.

Elliptical 20 min
Tricep Extension 30 lbs (3x12)
Bicep Curl 20 lbs (3x12)
Fly 30 lbs (3x12)
Lat Pulldown 40 lbs (3x12)
Chest Press 30 lbs (3x12)
Shoulder Press 20 lbs (3x12)

Shoulder press was the hardest thing I did.  Shoulder exercise have always been difficult for me though, even when I was actually in shape years ago.  I dread shoulder exercise for that reason, because no matter what, it's always a struggle.  I did it though.  I want to quit after my first set, but I kept going and I am proud of that.  In a week or two I will add in pushups.  I am trying not to do too much my first week back.  I don;t mind being sore, but I want to be able to move some lol!

Like yesterday, I feel weak, but I have to forget the awesome things I used to do and just know I will get back there and even surpass that if I keep at it.  I thought about going walking, but changed my mind.  Tomorrow is my cardio only day, so I will do some walking tomorrow.  Have a great day people!

Lady Gaga: Applause

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exercise Feels Good

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise.  It's normally not so bad once I started.  I actually really enjoy it most of the time once I get started.  Well, I should say that I do not like cardio.  I really enjoy weight training.  I know that you need cardio though, so for me it;s mostly a matter of finding cardio that I do enjoy.  In the past I have found that to be zumba or the Arctrainer.  My gym got rid of its Arctrainer though, so I will have to figure something else out.  I am also working too late now to make it to my zumba classes.  I am just all the way messed up with cardio now lol!  I do have some options though.  I can borrow zumba dvds from my sister until my schedule changes (about a month from now).  My aunt has said I can try water aerobics at her pool.  That might be fun, but I'm not really sure what to do for water aerobics.  I have taken one water aerobics class, but that was about three years ago.  I can google it though right?  Of course I can lol!  SO basically I just have to make up my mind to do it.

I decided to wake up early and workout before church this morning.  When my alarm went off, I tried to go back to sleep.  After about 10 minutes I told myself "I need to get up.  I can do this."  So, I got dressed and headed to the gym.  I was thankful that there were not very many people there so early on a Sunday morning.  I started at the elliptical.  I did 20 minutes at level one.  Starting out I felt great.  Around 10 minutes in and I was feeling a little tired.  Well, maybe more than a little, but I knew I could finish out my twenty minutes.  I was dripping with sweat.  Man, I am so out of shape.  Afterwards, I hit 3 leg machines.  I did the leg press (180 lbs) 3 sets of 12 reps, leg extension (40 lbs) 3 sets of 12 reps, leg curl (50 lbs) 3 sets of 12 reps.  Surprisingly, that felt pretty good.  I could feel that I was working, but I was not totally exhausted and my legs felt alright.  I was shocked at how weak I am though.  I know I have to build back up, and I know I will get there.  I am planning to do squats, walking lunges, and deadlifts at home later tonight. I will let you know how that goes next time.

Next was jogging intervals.  I went to a park and jogged (1 minute)/ walked (3 minutes) in intervals for 24 minutes.  That was so so.  It went better than I expected to be honest, because it had been so long since my last attempt at jogging.  It was also extremely hot...even at 8 am.  I think we were supposed to be right at 100 degrees for our high today (105 heat index).  I normally hate jogging for about a month.  After that I get excited about it.  Now I just have to make it to the end of that one month.

All in all I felt really wonderful after working out this morning.  I had energy, a smile on my face, and a sense of accomplishment.  I have to wake up even earlier tomorrow, so I was already dreading that while driving this morning.  Then the thought came to me "How bad do you want it?"  So, I will be up bright and early in the morning.  I have a feeling that my next blog might be about soreness though lol!  Have a fantastic day!

So to recap:
20 min on elliptical
Leg Press 180 lbs (3x12)
Leg Extension 40 lbs (3x12)
Leg Curl 50 lbs (3x12)
Jog/Walk Intervals (1:3) 24 min, 1.4 miles

This song came on at the end of my jog and it was perfect!
Queen: Another One Bites the Dust

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Starting Over Again and Again

I am back at it, and once again I am heavier than ever before.  This week I have been working on eating better, which has worked because I dropped 3 lbs by eating better.  Nutrition is always the hardest part for me when it comes to losing weight.  I really enjoy the convenience of fast food.  I eat out constantly.  I think steak, potatoes, cheese, ice cream, and things drowned in butter are the absolute best!  My favorites are the things I should not have or that I should at least not have often.  I'm working on that.  Years ago when I did really well with losing weight it just took a little faking it until I made it.  So, I had to cook and eat things that I knew would get me where I wanted to be.  With a little research and experimentation I eventually found foods that were healthy for me and that I really enjoyed eating.  I need to go back to doing that.

When it comes to food I need to stop:
1) buying junk food- I have really been on a chip kick lately.  Up until a few days ago I had 3 bags of chips in my pantry, not the good kind...golden flake bbq, dill pickle, and tortilla chips

2) buying Michael Angelo's Shrimp Scampi- Honestly, this is probably my favorite frozen meal EVER!  The stuff is capital G O O D!  Let's look at the nutrition label though...540 calories, 28g fat (16g saturated fat...that's an entire days worth for me, I like to stay at 15 or below for saturated fat), 820 mg sodium, 46g carbs, and 25g protein.  Looking at the fat content gets me every time, but it is so so so good lol!  I can't resist it when it's on sale.  It's my kryptonite.  I need to stop buying this stuff.

3) saying I don't have enough time to cook- We all know the truth is that I do.  I sit and watch tv every evening when I could DVR something, prep my food, then come back and watch the tv program.

4) eating food on impulse- I pass by a Jack's and I just have to have a Big Bacon burger.  I am at a restaurant and I have to have what is probably the worst thing on the menu for me.  If I just take a few minutes and think I know I can make better choices.

5) skipping meals- Eating better foods more often will probably aid greatly with #4.

When it comes to food I need to start:
1) drinking more water

2) eating more fruits and vegetables

3) drinking more water

4) replacing some beef with chicken, fish, or vegetarian dishes

5) drinking more water

6) Did I say drinking more water?!?!?!

I think it will be good for me to remember good foods that I like (relative to what I normally eat, a lot of these items have cheese, but I try not to use much)
-egg white omelet (3 egg whites, chopped onion and bell peppers, dash of cheddar cheese, salsa)
-plain greek yogurt with blueberries
-sweet potatoes
-chicken quesadillas ( while grain tortillas, slow cooker chicken, small amount of cheese, pico de gallo)
-turkey sandwich (whole grain bread, real turkey, thin cheese slice, tomato slice, then placed in a hot press)
-pears (yay for good tasting fiber)
-natural peanut butter with a touch of honey
-salads (I just have to watch the dressing-I probably need to explore making my own)

I went walking one day, but other than that I had no exercise this week.  I am not sure when I will write again, hopefully soon though.  Maybe my next post will be about getting my exercise on track.  Anyway, I may not be excited right now, but I know it will be good to get back into things.  I can remember how great I felt when I was exercising and eating better.  So, good talk lol...see you next time.  On, I'm going back to posting songs I like to work out to at the end of my posts.  Have a great day!

One Republic: Love Runs Out