Sunday, August 28, 2011

My 1st 5k

Bad News: I ended up injured and had to walk most of it. I had been jogging/walking a 5k for a few weeks at at time of about 42 min. I would do a 5 min warm up, jog 5 min, walk 1 min, jog 3 min, walk 1 min, jog 3 min...etc. Well, I really really wanted to break 40 min, so on race day I cut out my 5 min warm up. On top of that I decided I wanted to jog as far as I could witout stopping before I started my 1 min walks. DISASTER!!!!! First, I felt pain on the side of my leg from my ankle to my knee. Then it got to a point where every time I stepped using my left leg I got a sharp pain that shot straight up to my hip and head. Everyone keeps telling me it sounds like sciatic nerve issues. I stayed off my feet all day yesterday and I am much better today although not 100%. So, changing my routine I ended up hurt and with a much slower time (52:36).

GOOD NEWS: I finished! It's good that I am blogging about this today and not yesterday. Yesterday I was in a really bad mood because I was upset about my time. I mean I was REALLY in a foul mood after the race. My parents were concerned about my leg and I was concerned about my time. Today I am proud of myself for even finishing. It may not have been the race I wanted, but I finished and I have learned NOT to deviate from my routine on race day. Other good news...I jogged a mile. I don't think I've jogged a mile without stopping since middle school (I'm 29 now)! That 1st mile was right at 13 min. I was super excited (before crazy pain kicked in)! They had people stationed along the route to encourage you and I really liked that!

My bib

This is the t-shirt we received, and I can always use new t-shirts, so I LOVED this!

Tuscaloosa's mayor...he's training for a marathon right now

Me...limping across the finish line

final "glad that's over pic" lol!  I could not even fit into this shirt in May (when the race was originally scheduled..yaya for weight loss!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eat Better and Feel Better

I tried to jog over the weekend, but it didn't go well.  I think I did 1.5 miles in 25 minutes or something close to that.  My shins were hurting 0.25 miles into the workout and I just didn't have to motivation to finish.  This schedule puts me nowhere close to a 40 min 5k.  My 1st 5k is this weekend, by the way.  I'm nervous, but I'm going to do it anyway.  I know I have not trained like I should have.  Oh, Sam has to go out of town and had to drop out of the 5k, so no 5k pic with Sam a the end.  I'm still planning to have my parents take a pic as I cross the finish though.

On last Friday (I think) I had a perfect food day.  I ate clean all day.  The difference is really amazing!  First, I was shocked at the amount of food I could eat with so few calories.  I was literally stuffed and had only eaten fewer than 300 calories.  I had grilled chicken, a ton of broccoli, and a sweet potato for that meal.  I'm not exaggerating, I was really shocked.  Second, I felt so much better.  Although I was super full I never felt bloated or anything.  I didn't feel sick and I had a lot more energy.  I was happier.  Eating better is a mood booster.  I was on a high that day.  I tried to continue the next day, but I ate out and blew it.

Tuesday was a training day.  Oh, I did real push ups for the first time today!!!!!  GO me!  I was shocked by how many I could do.  I even got a compliment from another trainer who was impressed with my form.  It felt great!  I'm going to list what I did, but I did three rounds of everything.
Step Ups (1 min on each leg)
Lat Pulldowns (20)
Burpees (10)
V-Ups (10)
Chest Fly (20)
Leg Lifts (20)
Push Ups (12) non-modified YAY me!
Split Lunge Jumps (10)
Walking Lunges (15)
Jog 1 min, walk 30 sec (5 rounds)
Squat Jumps (12)

This isn't the order I did these in, but I think I remembered everything.  I did 3 rounds of everything except the jogging.  This was actually a pretty decent workout for me.  It worked me, but I felt fine once I left.  I was never out of breath or anything.

Today's song isn't just a song.  I'm not sure if I've talked about it, but I absolutely love Zumba.  So, this is a video of one of the routines we do in class and it's also included on the Wii game.  This is actually a screen shot from the game and it's one of my favorites.  It's easy to catch on!
Zumba Fitness - Feel Like Dancing

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turning Into a Fitness Geek

Today was a training session day.  I'm going to list what I did first, which is kinda tricky.  So, this is the circuit:
Modified Push Ups (21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6)
Jogging In Place with High Knees (60 sec, 50 sec, 40 sec, 30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec)
Burpees (21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6)
Jumping Jacks (60 sec, 50 sec, 40 sec, 30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec)
Squats (21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6)
Mountain Climbers (60 sec, 50 sec, 40 sec, 30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec)

So, basically I did 6 rounds and each round had fewer reps or cardio time.  Then I did
Hamstring Curls (2 sets of 12)
Assisted Pull Ups (3 sets of 4)
V-Ups w/ Stability Ball (2 sets of 10)

The circuit became easy once I got to the round of 12 reps and 30 seconds.  The V-Ups are still hard.  The assisted pull ups are really hard too.  On pull ups #4 I did not think I would be able to pull myself back up and I thought I was going to get stuck on the machine.  Sam laughed hard when I told him that, and so did a few other guys who were around me in the gym.  Overall, it was a good day.

I woke up in a foul mood this morning.  I had to work an odd shift, so I only had close to 2 hrs of sleep before I had to get up and get dressed.  I know I was in a foul mood because I put on my workout pants and thought, "Man, these pants are loose and sagging in the seat now.  This sucks and it's irritating."  Hahahahaha!  Seriously, I was ticked my workout pants were no longer skintight.  I bought them tight so they would not slip when I do burpees.  When I walked in the door Sam said, "Oh no, don't come in here dragging today."  I told him about the pants, so he would know what kind of an hour we were about to have and he thought it was hilarious.  By the time I was done with warm up my mood was much better though.

The food has not been going too well.  I do perfectly until around 4pm.  Then it's like my body just goes crazy and I have to have a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets or anything from Taco Casa.  If you're in Tuscaloosa then you know all about Taco Casa.  I'm a work in progress, so I'm working on it.  It's so hard though.

I say I'm turning into a fitness geek because of my watch.  I've had a watch that includes a stopwatch feature for over a year.  I use it to know exactly how long it's taking me to walk/jog.  I also use it to look at my 1 mile splits.  Well, about two months ago it stopped.  I was not sure if the battery stopped or if I had broken it somehow.  I've been walking/jogging with my cell phone, so my times have not been 100% accurate.  After my session today I went to a store that only sells batteries.  They popped a new battery in and it worked.  I was so happy I thought I was going to cry.  I almost skipped, yes...skipped, out of there.  This made me realize that I am changing.  Whoo Hoo!

Sorry for the long post today.  The song of today is Square Biz.  I know, I have a weird mix of workout songs on my ipod, but when I hear "Everybody get up!" I'm ready to go!  Enjoy!
Teena Marie - Square Biz

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Short Ramblings

Today was a training day, but I honestly can't remember everything I did.  I would do an exercise then jog a lap.  I know I did leg lifts, burpees, Ice Skaters (which I almost fell doing), and other stuff.  I know I did 15 things, but that's all I can really remember.  I also did push ups, chest presses, and an exercise for my triceps.  At the end we did exercises for my butt, which left me feeling paralyzed for a moment lol!

I basically need to eat better.  My eating is better then it was two months ago, but it still isn't pretty.  So, I went to the grocery store and got a few basics like chicken, turkey, veggies and fruit.  My goal is to just take one day at a time and eat as clean as I possibly can for that day.  Then do it again the next day.  So far so good, but it's only 11am.  Plus, I'm going to a Thai place tonight, but I'll do what I can to make better decisions.

I have less than two weeks until my first 5k.  My goal is to finish in under 40 minutes.  I'm honestly not sure if I can do it.  I have not trained like I should have, so if I don't do it I only have myself to blame.  I going to try really hard though.  If I eat well and work hard the next 11 days I just might be able to do make my goal.  Lord knows I really want to, so I'll just have to do it.  The race is August 27th.  I told Sam the time I've been jogging and he thinks I can do it, but heck Sam thinks I can do anything lol!  We'll see.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feeling Yesterday's Work

Man, I am really feeling all of the hard work I put in yesterday.  I'm especially having trouble with my thighs and core.  My thighs eventually warm up and feel better, but not my core.  I always realize what muscles are used for what when I'm sore.  It hurts to sit, stand, you name it lol! 

I went jogging this morning.  I'm beginning to doubt I can finish the 5k in under 40 min.  We'll see how it goes though.  I still think I can do it if I really push myself.  This morning I did 2 miles in 29 minutes.  I'm such a slow jogger, but at least I'm out there.  Plus, I get to see really cute guys on my trail lol!  One of the guys I saw this morning was just lovely haha!  It was funny because I was trying to keep my pace AND get a good look.

I still have a few more weeks until I take measurements again, but I know I'm getting smaller because of the way my workout pants are fitting.  When I first bought these pants they were tight and I liked them because they did not slip down when I did burpees with Sam.  I hate feeling like I'm mooning someone.  Anyway, these are beginning to slip now and they are not as tight.  The seat has become baggy and I have to pull them up after every two or three burpees.  Also, I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed my butt looks a little better.  So, I'm excited to take measurements in the next few weeks. 

The song for today is "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai.  I'm using the Napoleon Dynamite clip though just because it makes me smile.
Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh Boy!

I have not posted in a week, because I have not worked out in a week.  I have a history of terrible migraines that will not stop and I had an episode over the weekend and it lasted for a few days.  So, I spent much of the past few days doped up on medication.

So, I knew today would be rough.  I was honestly excited to see Sam again.  I've finally crossed over into enjoying my sessions and I even look forward to them.  I've practically taken a week off though, so I was expecting my body to go into shock.  I don't post links if I've already posted a link to the exercise in a previous post.

Today's Workout:
20 Modified Push ups
20 Wall Balls
20 V Ups (yeah, really freakin ridiculous...I'm seriously not kidding)
40 Step Ups
20 Sumo Squat High Pulls
20 Burpees
20 Shoulder Press w/ Barbell
Then jog across a gym, up a flight of stairs, 1/8 of a mile, and back down the flight of stairs, then do it all over again.

Yes, people, 3 Oh my goodness I think I'm going to puke rounds.  I did the 1st round in 11:20, the 2nd in 11:40, and the 3rd in 10:22.  These times may seem a slow to some one who is in shape, but I'm close to 240 lbs, so I was beat.  Sam knows by now to play on my competitive nature, so he tells me how long it takes me, because he knows I will want to beat my time.  When he told me I was slower the 2nd round I got a little ticked.  I was completely exhausted the 3rd round, but I just HAD to beat my two previous times.  It took everything I had and a prayer or two, but I did it!  I was rewarded with a high five.  Hey now...don't turn up your nose at my high fives.  Lol!  I've only gotten one on two other occasions.  It's how I know I've surpassed his expectations.  Well, maybe I should say it's how I know I've turned in an awesome workout, because he always tells me he only asks me to do things he knows I can do.  Anyway, you get the point...high fives mean I kicked butt!

The hardest thing for me was definitely the V-Ups.  If I did not have to do those I would have finished much much sooner.  They are HARD HARD HARD...just try 5 if you don't believe me.

Today's song is an all time fav of mine.  Prince is picky about his music being on youtube, so this link may not even be active a few minutes from now but here it goes anyway
Prince - I Would Die 4 U

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Whining

Today was a training day and as one of my Sparkpeople friends would say, "I completely ROCKED IT!"  lol!  I'll tell you what I had to do towards the bottom.  I never flat out complain.  For example, I don't say I won't do that.  I am notorious for saying "This is craziness, Sam!"  I say it so much that sometimes he sees a look on my face and says,  "just craziness!" before I can get it out lol!  My mind and my body are at odds sometimes.  I can look at something and my mind says oh no, but my body does it anyway.  Well, today there was none of that.  I walked in there very sleepy and I did not think this was going to be a good day.  Boy, was I wrong.  There was no whining or self doubt at all.  He told me what to do and I knocked it out...end of story.  It felt awesome!  Sam told me I did great and he was impressed that he keeps throwing harder things at me and I fight through it. 

Today there were other girls in there (a group of 4).  Do people really work out in full make up?  I mean full borderline almost too much make up???  I was totally distracted lol!  They were thin, but not in the best shape.  They were tired after a few squats.  I have to be totally honest, I smiled a little and thought I do more than that without getting tired lol!  I also remembered when I would be exhausted doing a few squats though.  I've come a long way.

Today's workout:
-Squat w/ knee raise (1 min), pushups (1 min),burpees (1 min),  Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Raise (1 min each leg), Kettlebell Swing (30 sec each arm), BOSU ball plank (1 min)  (3 rounds)

-BOSU ball squat (12) and Bicep Curl w/ Shoulder Press (12)  (3 rounds)

-Tricep Pushdowns (4 rounds of 12)

-Lat Pulldowns (3 rounds of 12)

-Stability Ball Knee Tuck (6 then 12)

I always do a 10 minute warm up on something, usually the bike.

Today's song is another one that really gets me moving.  I'm beginning to feel like I say this about every song I post.  Anyway, here it is...
Cascada - Evacuate the Dancefloor

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Started Out with Good Intentions

Today was a jogging day.  I went early (6:45 am) and I made sure to take my water.  I started my 5 minute warm up and all was well.  I started jogging and that's when things went downhill lol!  The muscles near my shins were not cooperating AT ALL.  I was honestly pretty disappointed, because I felt great heading out there.  I think some of the problem comes from the short amount of jogging I had to do yesterday.  I did not jog much, but for some reason I pound a lot harder when I'm on a treadmill and I was a little sore from yesterday.  I might ask Sam not to jog on Tuesdays or I might stop jogging on Wednesdays and add a jogging day on the weekend.  I walked most of this, but I did 3.2 miles, which is a 5k, in 49 minutes.  When I race in less than 4 weeks I really want to finish in under 40 min, so I really need to push myself.

I think we were in the high 70s or low 80s early this morning, but the humidity is still ridiculous!  I was sweating like a crazy person.  I could not keep sweat out of my eyes and I don't even want to tell you what my shirt looked like when I was done.  Thank goodness my t shirt wasn't white lol!  I'm going to have to start jogging with a face towel.  I had to go to the grocery store immediately afterwards, and a guy looked at me and said, "You've been jogging."  Haha! 

I LOVE this song.  Skip the first minute and a half of the video to get to the song.
Nelly Furtado - Maneater

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too Hot

I went jogging yesterday and it did not go so well.  First, I should not have waited until 11am.  I live in Alabama and the heat and humidity will cause severe damage to your body.  I simply got out of my car and began to sweat.  I should have known to get back in my car and jog indoors.  The problem is I absolutely hate to jog indoors.  I like the scenery of jogging/walking outside.  So, I pressed on.  I had dreams of doing 3 miles (mixture of walking and jogging).  This did not happen.  Close to half a mile in I was drenched in sweat.  My breathing wasn't normal anymore and I knew this was a BAD idea.  I also forgot to stretch, so my legs were not cooperating.  To sum things up I walked/jogged 1.5 miles in 20 minutes in 97 degrees and insane humidity! 

I am happy I did something, but next time I will know to take it inside.  I'm really trying to do much better the next 4 weeks.  If I'm counting correctly, that's how long I have until another big weigh in and measurement session.  I'll also run my first 5k around that time too.  I'll be heading to see Sam in a couple of hours.  I'm feeling pretty good, so I hope it's a good day.  I hope I do not see my nemesis...the dreaded BOSU ball lol!

Today's song is an oldie, but goodie...and one of the craziest music videos I've ever seen lol!
Deee Lite - Groove is in the Heart

I have now come back from my training sessions and I did have to meet the dreaded BOSU ball lol!  I also met my nemesis, Mountain Climbers, today too.  Today's workout:
-20 modified pushups and about 15 walking lunges (3 rounds)
-jog for 1:30, burpees on the BOSU ball for 1:15, mountain climbers for 1:00, and squats with medicine ball overhead toss for 0:45 (4 rounds)
-step ups for 1 minute and bicep curls for 1 minute (3 rounds)
-tricep extensions (12, 10, 8)
-chest fly (12, 10, 8)
-plank on bench (held for 1 minute, 3 rounds)

Today, Sam also told me that he can tell I'm starting to drop the weight.  This made my day, because I know Sam does not throw out idle compliments!  So, now I'm feeling super motivated.