Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh Boy!

I have not posted in a week, because I have not worked out in a week.  I have a history of terrible migraines that will not stop and I had an episode over the weekend and it lasted for a few days.  So, I spent much of the past few days doped up on medication.

So, I knew today would be rough.  I was honestly excited to see Sam again.  I've finally crossed over into enjoying my sessions and I even look forward to them.  I've practically taken a week off though, so I was expecting my body to go into shock.  I don't post links if I've already posted a link to the exercise in a previous post.

Today's Workout:
20 Modified Push ups
20 Wall Balls
20 V Ups (yeah, really freakin ridiculous...I'm seriously not kidding)
40 Step Ups
20 Sumo Squat High Pulls
20 Burpees
20 Shoulder Press w/ Barbell
Then jog across a gym, up a flight of stairs, 1/8 of a mile, and back down the flight of stairs, then do it all over again.

Yes, people, 3 Oh my goodness I think I'm going to puke rounds.  I did the 1st round in 11:20, the 2nd in 11:40, and the 3rd in 10:22.  These times may seem a slow to some one who is in shape, but I'm close to 240 lbs, so I was beat.  Sam knows by now to play on my competitive nature, so he tells me how long it takes me, because he knows I will want to beat my time.  When he told me I was slower the 2nd round I got a little ticked.  I was completely exhausted the 3rd round, but I just HAD to beat my two previous times.  It took everything I had and a prayer or two, but I did it!  I was rewarded with a high five.  Hey now...don't turn up your nose at my high fives.  Lol!  I've only gotten one on two other occasions.  It's how I know I've surpassed his expectations.  Well, maybe I should say it's how I know I've turned in an awesome workout, because he always tells me he only asks me to do things he knows I can do.  Anyway, you get the point...high fives mean I kicked butt!

The hardest thing for me was definitely the V-Ups.  If I did not have to do those I would have finished much much sooner.  They are HARD HARD HARD...just try 5 if you don't believe me.

Today's song is an all time fav of mine.  Prince is picky about his music being on youtube, so this link may not even be active a few minutes from now but here it goes anyway
Prince - I Would Die 4 U

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  1. OMG!! 3 ROUNDS!?! Do you get to take breaks in between?
    You are already beautiful inside and out! This time next year, WATCH OUT WORLD!!!
    Really, can you send Sam out here? PLEASE!?
    Can you tag (label) all of the workouts so I won't have to scroll or look for the ones that aren't linked (because they were linked in previous posts)? It's easier to click the labels on the side panel than scroll through posts.