Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back at it...Again

So, I have been consistently working out off and off since mid-January.  Does that even make sense...to CONSISTENTLY work out OFF and ON????  Anyway, I have made some progress...mostly with inches lost.  I have not lost a ton of weight.  I am rediscovering my love for weights.  My hate of cardio is definitely still there.  Being out of breathe is awful and cardio does that for me.

I joined a Crossfit affiliate.  I don't think they refer to themselves as Crossfit.  The term they use is functional fitness, but it seems like the same thing to me.  They have a two week instructional course, which I am in now.  I had my first day yesterday.  We covered squats, deadlifts, and a straight press.  My hamstrings are sore, so I guess I did the deadlifts right.  I was so nervous, being that I am so heavy and out of shape, but everyone was really nice and supportive.  I was able to do everything yesterday without modifications.  They do have modifications for just about everything though, which is a good thing.  They don't expect me to do the same thing as or perform like their elite athletes.  I was just looking for a way to keep me motivated to come to the gym and a way to really incorporate weights outside of some of the machines.  The thing about not relying heavily on machines (I still plan to use some) is that I need to have correct form.  The classes at my gym are small, so I will always have a coach there watching my form, so I feel more comfortable doing things like squats and deadlifts.  An injury is not something that I want.  Anyway, to sum up, I had a good experience yesterday and I am looking forward to my new journey.

I have started jogging again.  I am not doing C25k or any other program.  I am just going out there and running until my body says stop then I walk for awhile and then run again.  So, in some ways it is very similar to interval training programs.  I just do not have a set interval.  Maybe I will go back to a program as I progress and get more comfortable with jogging.  Right now though, having no set interval allows me to enjoy it more.

I have 101 days until my birthday, so I have decided to challenge myself to 100 days of better health.  For me this means that I will eat well or workout everyday for 100 days.  I was considering just saying exercise for 100 days, but I honestly do not think I would do it.  I think adding in the "or eating well" gives me a little more room for success.  I am really happy where I am now.  This time it feels like I am doing something I can keep up with and I don't feel like I am pressuring myself.

I am loving this song right now!

Pitbull, Ne-Yo - Time of Our Lives

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