Saturday, April 18, 2015

Catching Up

I have not posted in awhile, but I am still going pretty strong.  I was sick towards the end of last week and the beginning of this week, but I am better now.  I am getting ready for graduation.  I will have a 2nd Master's in about two weeks, but I have a lot of writing I need to do before then.  Plus, I have my comprehensive exams next week.  My exercise still pretty much consists of Crossfit and jogging.

Food is alright, but definitely not perfect.  I am trying to make good choices, but I have not logged my food in close to a week.  I eat a lot of chicken, fruit, and oatmeal.  Salsa chicken is my go to.  It's just chicken breasts in a crock pot with salsa.  It's so easy that I do multiple chicken breasts like this almost every week.  I use fruit to replace candy.  My breakfast is normally turkey sausage and oatmeal.  I need to do better with vegetables and maybe eating fruit that has less sugar (like pears).

Let me just say I am such a slow jogger.  I know it really should not matter, but yesterday I was teamed with a partner and we had to jog together.  I was teamed with a super fit guy, and I could tell it was difficult for him to jog so slowly.  To his credit, he was nothing but supportive and never complained.  It was a little amusing to me because I was trying my hardest and so out of breath, but he was chatting it up lol!  He was really sweet, but I felt like I was holding him back.  He honestly did not seem bothered at all.  I think I just have to learn to be comfortable with what I can do and be happy for my own progress.  I am working on that.

Here's a couple of images from my gym...
You cannot see me very well, but I am in the red shirt towards the open door in the back.  We were in a circle for warm up.  We all chose an exercise and how many to do.  I chose 10 squats.  Warm up is different everyday.

Below is a video of my class pushing sleds on Wednesday.  You can catch a glimpse of me in the corner of the video on the Airdyne.  The Airdyne is a bike that is terrible lol!  It has built in resistance and the resistance gets stronger the faster you pedal.  We had to do sprints on the Airdyne and it wore me out.  On the plus side, it burned a ton of calories really quickly.

Nothing like some sleds for breakfast!!
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