Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let's Try This Again

So, obviously I have been doing terrible when it comes to this blog and weight loss.  The good news is that I have actually lost some weight, but not very much.  I am down to 238.  I have gone between 239 and 234 for the past month.  I was at 260 this time last year, so that is definitely progress.  I have not been in the 230s since 2012.  I was consistently in the high 240s most of the spring and summer.  I attribute my current weight loss to all the walking I have been doing in NYC recently.

Let me step back a moment.  I moved to NYC in August to begin working on a PhD.  Coming from Alabama, I was used to driving everywhere.  NYC is the complete opposite.  I left my car in Alabama, and if it's within 1.5 miles, I normally try to walk it.  I am sure that will change as the temperature begins to drop though.  For most other trips I just use the subway (or "train" as New Yorkers say).  Sometimes I am walking around 5 miles a day just going back and forth for daily activities.  Most days I probably average 3 miles though.  So, my weight loss has really been out of necessity and not because I have really been trying.  I have honestly been eating everything, because there are just so many options and everyone, I mean EVERYONE delivers!  This weekend I decided to batch cook a lot of things to curb eating out so much.  So far I have made it two days without eating out.  I am craving Thai food and/or tacos though lol!

My best friend also bought T25 for me, so I am going to try that out.  She honestly bought it a few weeks ago.  I lasted a good 5 days before I was off track.  I will be going home for the holidays in a few weeks, so I am challenging myself to stick with T25 at least until then.  We will see what happens.  I am also planning to hit my university's gym to weight train.  I miss the weights.  When I was at Innovate Fitness, I completed a two month training program and when it was over I had a 1 rep squat max of 215 and a 5 rep deadlift max of 210.  I am sure that has fallen off quite a lot by now.  I might see if I can get back with them for a month while I a back home for the holidays.

Me, Day 1 of T25 this morning, looking a hot mess lol!

I've lost a few pounds while up here and I would like to lose a few more before I go back home.  I would like for people to be able to notice a difference, even if just a small one.  Anyway, I hope to do a better job of keeping up with this blog and hopefully this time next year I will be in much better shape.  Have a great day!

So glad Missy's back!  Definitely going to work out to this!

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