Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back in the Gym

I finally began a real workout schedule today.  I was nervous about setting foot in the gym after I had been away for so long.  I kept thinking, "They will know I don't belong here."  I'm not a New Year's Resolution person, I just happened to hit my heaviest weight towards the end of the year.  Anyway, I went in and everything went fine.  Here's what I did:

30 min on elliptical
Leg Extension 40 lb (3x12)
Squats 10 lb db (3x12)
Plie Squats 20 lb db (3x12)
15 min Walk/Run (about 1 mile)

I did not do a ton today, but it was better than doing nothing and I can at least say that I have started.  I know I will be sore in the morning, but I liked feeling a sense of accomplishment today.  I have pretty much lost all of my strength lol!  The leg stuff was a struggle, and I know that when I was really working out consistently that would have been nothing to me.  I will get back there and be even better.

I also went to the grocery store today.  I bought chicken breasts, salmon, turkey burgers, veggies, and oranges.  My biggest struggle is the eating part.  Overall, it was a good day, because I got started.

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