Thursday, October 9, 2014

Food Prep

In the last post I talked about how my commitment has been pretty lackluster.  So I took a very good look at myself, and I have to stop being so lazy.  I am not going to do more than I feel I can keep up (the whole lifestyle vs diet/quick fix conversation), but once I get on a schedule I know I can do this.

Yesterday I spent a few hours prepping food for the next week or so.  Here's a pic...

What you see is
-salad (lettuce, cucumber, carrots) which I will add banana peppers and tomato to when I get ready to eat it
-chili with ground turkey (1 cup)
-ground turkey (4 oz), brown rice (3/4 cup), peppers and onion
-spaghetti sauce with ground turkey (1/2 cup)
-crockpot chicken (3 oz) with peppers and onion
-salmon (4 oz) with sweet potato, brown rice (1/2 cup)
-whole wheat pasta baggie (2 oz)
-grilled chicken baggie (3 oz)

Add in my egg whites, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, pears, and watermelon and I think I am pretty much set for the week and probably longer.  I placed most of the chili and spaghetti sauce in the freezer.  This is my first time prepping food, so I am not sure how long this will last.  Because of that I wanted to freeze food just in case.  I did not want anything to go bad.  I'm actually proud of myself for doing this.  I really hope it helps.  I'm almost positive it will.  It HAS to cut out my fast food trips right?!?!  I'll be sure to come back and share my experience with this next week.

For exercise I have mostly been walking and doing Zumba.  I need to get back in the gym and hit weights though.  I love weight training.  I just get intimidated going into that area of the gym by myself.  I just have to get the courage and go anyway.

Well, I feel like I have made progress this week, and I am really starting to feel that desire to change.  Have a great day!

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