Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Appreciate the Sweat

In my session today I did mountain climbers, leg raises, step ups, some other up and down exercise on a step bench, and 84 burpees (yes, 84 freaking burpees).  Burpees are so hard for me and I am not even incorporating the push up in yet.  I also dislike mountain climbers too.  I basically dislike things that involve some type of cardio.  My cardiovascular shape stinks.  It's that simple.  I know it's improving, so I'll just have to suck it up until I'm better.

I was in the middle of my burpees and I noticed I don't look quite as fat as I thought I looked in the mirror a few weeks ago.  I know I have not lost much weight, but maybe I have lost an inch somewhere.  I will be able to let you know definitely on Saturday (that's when I take 6 week measurements).  I also noticed that I have a slight concave curve from my waist flowing out into my hips.  I was looking kinda curvy and I liked it.  By the time I left the gym today I was covered in sweat, literally.  At first I thought it was gross and I said, "Ewww....look at my back."  Sam said, "Yeah, look at that!"  My sweat was evidence of my good workout.  I took on a different appreciation for my sweat lol! 

Today's Song is "Hello, Good Morning" by Diddy (Diddy Dirty Money....I really don't know.  All of his name changes are confusing sometimes.)  This is one of my power songs.  It pushes me a little bit more when I'm tired.  The version I use is clean and does not include Rick Ross.
Hello, Good Morning


  1. LOL @ you hating anything that involves cardio. I know the feeling but cardio is key to weight loss so we have to do it anyway. I hate Mountain Climbers and am about to google Burpees. I've never heard of those before.

    Stay encouraged and I can't wait to see your progress post!!

  2. Just saw burpees. OUCH! I do these in Insanity drills but he calls them something different. I personally call them "squat thrusts from hell". LOL

  3. It's so good when you can see the changes in your body. When I previously lost weight you saw it in my face first, so when it was my body I would really get excited, so congrats!

    Thanks for the song, I'm trying to compile a new running list.