Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Stuff = Hard Stuff

So, today during training we did new things.  The hardest thing I did was probably the Jiu Jitsu Alligator Walk.  This was freaking nuts!  I'm going to post a link to a youtube video of a guy doing this.  I was much slower than the guy in the video, but it's still an insane thing to do.
Jiu Jitsu Alligator Walk

New to me today were also squat jumps, incline press, flat bench press, in and outs on a bench, squats with weights, wall squats while pulsing a ball between my knees, and squats with a crossover knee lift.  I did other things too like push ups, lat pull downs, and something else that I'm not remembering but I had done those before.  The new stuff is what brought me to a talk to Jesus moment.  The alligator walks are horrible.  They work EVERYTHING, no exaggeration!!!!  The squat jumps would not have been so bad if I didn't have to do the alligator walks.  By the time I was finished with the alligator walks, I felt like I was done for the day (and those were at the very beginning of our session).  The incline and flat presses were not too bad.  It made me realize just how far my strength had fallen though.  In high school I benched 225.  I'm not sure how many lbs he was using for me, but I know it was not even close to 225...maybe 50 lbs total (15 lb each side and a 20 lb bar).  For my squats I was using about 70 lbs (25 lb each side and a 20 lb bar). The wall squats were easy at first, but as time dragged on I thought I was going to give out.  My time would always end just as I was about to reach my breaking point. 

Ooooh, I forgot about another new exercise I did.   It's a type of cable crossover exercise, but it works some weird muscle under my shoulder blades.  I felt that INSTANTLY!  That was insane too.  Between that and the alligator walks I was like what the hell is going on here!  The good thing is that I completed it all though.  I stopped once during the alligator walks, but at least I still held my low position when I stopped.  I didn't just get up.  I also did front, side, and back raises.  I don't know the official name for these, but I'm holding the circular weights used for bench pressing and I raise my arms straight out to the front, then straight out to the side, and back at an angle.  Whew.....I think that covers everything for the day. 

My legs were jello when I left.  It's a good stress reliever though.  I felt so much better after I was finished.  Well, after I was in my car, because while walking to my car I kept thinking that I was not going to make it to my car lol!  Maybe about 10 minutes after being in the car I began to think, "I feel great!  Let's go jogging!"  I did not jog and the feeling of wanting to jog has completely left the building haha!  My muscles are starting to express the beginnings of soreness right now.  I will go jogging tomorrow though.  I have to begin Couch 2 5k training this week.  Only a week and a half or so until a 6 week stats update!

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