Saturday, July 9, 2011

Music Makes Me Move

This was the end of week 5 with Sam, my trainer.  I'm not making progress like I want, but I know it's my own fault.  My eating habits are still not so good.  Calorie wise I'm doing fine, but my nutritional content sucks...big time.  My sodium intake is HORRIBLE!  I know this and I need to take the steps to change this.  It's so easy to stop at a fast food place and get junk though.  Ugh!  Excuses excuses!  I have one  week until I take 6 week measurements.  I'm going to try really hard to do what I'm supposed to do on my own this week.  Although, I am not doing everything I need to be doing I can say that I am definitely stronger.  When I think back to my week one and the the things I am doing blows my mind.

I'm going to start up my 5k training again.  I am signed up for the Mayor's Cup on August 27th.  It was supposed to happen at the end of April, but was cancelled due to the tornado damage.  My ultimate running goal would be a half marathon.  For some reason I have no desire to finish a full marathon.  It seems like too much.  I've read the blogs of those who absolutely love marathons and afterwards they are in pain and have to recover for weeks sometimes.  That just does not appeal to me.  You never know and I might change my mind.  I know someone who felt the same way I do now, and she has now completed a few full marathons.  Anyway, baby steps 1st 5k. 

Music really does make me move.  If I'm jogging and feel like I just can't do it, certain songs will completely change my attitude.  I really need a new ipod.  I'm still using the very first shuffle that came out.  I've had someone at the gym say, "What is that?"  Haha!  Yeah, time for an upgrade.  It still works though, so at the moment I don't have a large desire to replace it just yet.  I think I might start posting a link to some of my favorite workout tunes at the end of each blog. 

Today's song is by Janet Jackson.  I actually have quite a few of her songs on my workout playlist, but this one always gets me going. 
Janet Jackson - Make Me


  1. Hi Briana,

    I feel the same way you do about music. Ironically, the music that really makes me move is the music that I don't normally listen to like rap and rock. I think its something about the loud music and trying to figure out what they are talking about that takes my mind off the workout. Well, that along with the beat. Glad you know where you went wrong with your eating habits and know how to correct it. Best Wishes!

  2. Thanks Shanita! I'm the same way for the most part with the music I workout to. Close to half of my workout playlist consists of artists whose album I would probably never buy, but one song or two really gets me moving!

  3. Stay positive remember what you are doing well. This is what I tell myself because it is hard to see the good.

    I know what you mean by music helping you to move. One of the songs that gets me moving is "Dog Days are Over" by Florance and the Machine. I would never have listened to the song if my husband didn't like it, but it grew on me and it helps.

    I hope to run a 5k a little after you are, so maybe we can check in on each other to see how we are doing.

    Good luck!

  4. That's a good song!

  5. Bre - I love this! I copied your quote from above - I SOOO needed that - I hope you don't mind. Been rough for me lately - but you are such an encouragement - THANK YOU! Carolyn (from SparkPeople!)