Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sore Core

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile.  I've still been at it though.  I am still seeing Sam twice a week and he is still kicking my butt lol!  I really have to do better when it comes to my own cardio at home.  I am the type of person who does it just to say I did it.  I really need to get in the habit of pushing myself though.  I know I won't have Sam forever.  We did two new exercises on Thursday and I was really feeling it yesterday.

Plank on Stability Ball
This was the first of the two.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  I only did 3 of these and I held each for 60 seconds.  I was sweating like a crazy person!

Stability Ball Knee Tuck
I thought this was going to kill me lol!  It was insanely hard to do.  I did not do many of these at all.

Today I am feeling better, but yesterday I was hurting in parts of my core that I did not realize existed.  Soreness always makes me realize which muscles are used when I do simple things like walking.  I can tell I am getting much stronger though, and I absolutely love that.

Here is a list of the rest of my workout:
120 squats
90 modified push ups
60 leg lifts
a circuit of (10 burpees, sprinting half a track, 15 modified push ups, walking down stairs, back up stairs, 10 walking lunges, and sprinting the other half of the track)  I did this circuit twice.

I've been asked what a burpee is, so I'm including a link to it too.

I can remember back 7 weeks ago, and I never would have been able to do all of this.  I have really improved.  My eating is better too.  When I do go out to eat I am learning to only eat half of what I get.  It has truly been a learning process.  I definitely have a long way to go, but I'm definitely making progress.

Today's song has grown on me.  I did not like this song at all the first time I heard it, but now it really makes me move.  Enjoy!
Jason Derulo - Don't Wanna Go Home

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  1. So totally awesome! I WISH I could do what you're doing.