Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keep it Moving

So far so good.  I have nothing earth shattering to report, just that I am still moving.

30 min Zumba

30 min Zumba
50 Modified Push-ups
50 Squats
50 Leg Lifts

60 min Zumba

50 Mountain Climbers
50 Jumping Jacks
10 V-Ups
(I did this circuit of 3 exercises 6 times for a total of 300, 300, and 60, then)
15 Modified Push-ups
15 Squats

I was planning to do more push-ups and squats, but then I realized I am scheduled to do quite a few of them tomorrow, so I stopped.  The point is that I am moving and have been moving for 4 days in a row.  I had forgotten what it felt like to be sore...thank you 50 squats and push-ups from Monday.  I hate and love the soreness all at once.  I hate it because it hurts...no brainer.  I love it because I know I worked out. 

I was looking over some of the workouts I used to do with Sam, and I'm wondering how the heck I used to do all that stuff without vomiting.  I decided in December that I am probably going back to him.  Do I "need" him? No.  Can I physically do his workouts on my own? Yes.  Do I want to train with him? Does he motivate me? Do I think he is the best trainer ever? Yes! Yes! Yes!  So...I will probably be back with him at some point this month.

Here's my food diary from yesterday:

Ugh!  I have the absolute worst time with pictures on my blog lol!  You can always just click on the picture though to bring up a larger version of the chart in full.  I think my sat. fat and cholesterol are cut off on the side lol!  Saturated fat for the day was 9 and cholesterol was 162.  I don't really track food a lot.  I know it helps, but it takes up too much time for me.  The only thing not listed is the Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning I used on the chicken breast.  The point is that I was doing GREAT until I went out to a sports bar last night.  I had a small order of cheese fries, which I assume was about the same as a large order from a fast food place.  I also had two 6 oz. amaretto sours.  Do you see the calorie count and carbs in those 2 drinks????  944 calories and 152 carbs...whoa!  This is why one of my goals for the year was finding ways to celebrate that do not involve drinking.  Anyway, since I don't track often I just thought it would be nice to share the one day I did track with you all.
Have a great day and keep it moving everyone!


  1. Great job on your exercising:)
    You have been a busy one:)
    Yes, drinks can have tons of calories in them, mainly cause of all the sugar.
    My staple drink now is tonic, with what ever liquor of choice (mainly light), and lime. I still feel social without having all the calories.
    Have a good night.

  2. You do seriously rock!

    And by the way you have been tagged on my blog!

  3. Cheese fries and amaretto sours!? LOL...where were you and what were YOU doing?
    Oh, a sports bar. :D

    You're doing great! Keep up the good work.