Sunday, January 1, 2012

Measurements, Comparisons, and Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Technically it has not been a full 6 weeks since my last measurements, but I like to do this at the beginning of every year and compare. you go.

I gained weight for the first time since June.  I could have waited another 8 days and had a real "6 Week" measurement.  If I had done that I would have worked out hard and eaten perfectly to get the weight down.  I really would have just been playing mind games with myself though.  Measuring today shows exactly what I've been doing since 11/28/11...not much of anything.  If I'm being honest, I am shocked that I only gained close to 4 lbs.  I feel like I should have gained 10.  I worked out here and there and paid no attention to what I ate.  I'm also shocked that overall I lost 0.5 inches.  The number I pay the most attention to is the measurement around my belly button, and I gained there.  Overall, I definitely could have done better, but looking at this is a good reminder that if I slack off it will show.

Weight and Inches Since 2009

Starting Weight-------02/??/09-249.0
First 2010 Weigh In--01/04/10-228.4
First 2011 Weigh In--01/01/11-243.6
First 2012 Weigh In--01/01/12-227.8

Starting Total Inches----02/??/09-285.00
First 2010 Total Inches-03/02/10-274.25
First 2011 Total Inches-01/01/11-282.25
First 2012 Total Inches-01/01/12-269.0

Looking at these numbers make me happy.  Strictly looking at these numbers I have not started off a new year better.  I've lost a good bit of weight and a nice number of inches.  Here's hoping that Jan 2013 will look even better than this.

Fitness/Health Goals for 2012:
-run a 5k under 35 minutes
-jog a half marathon
-wear a public without a coverup over that covers the entire suit lol!
-try 1 new healthy food a month
-try 1 new exercise or aerobic class a month
-navel measurement under 33 inches
-weigh under 180
-have more fun and laugh more
-find something I enjoy as a celebration that does not revolve around food or drinking

Goals for next 6 Weeks:
-5 total inches lost
-5 lbs lost
-consistent with Couch to 5k
-consistent with strength training
-up the fiber, lower the salt
-drink more water
-take my own luch to work more often

Suggestions to help with my goals are ALWAYS welcome.  I'll probably be reading your blogs for ideas about new foods and exercises anyway!  
I did Zumba on Wii again today for about 30 minutes. 
I thought this was cute lol!  One of the zumba trainers from the videos and game is in the background doing the routine you would see on the game.


  1. Wow. You did an awesome job on weight and inches. I'm right there with you on the slacking and am picking it back up in the new year.

    I think your goals look fantastic. I'm too scatterbrained to keep up with that many. :)

    Best wishes for 2012!

  2. you are such an inspiration! I love your blog! you are doing awesome! I agree i've been in this meh mood about my workouts which = weight gain! but new day new year new goals and we are gonna rock 2012!!

  3. Great Goals and Happy New Year!
    I like the idea of trying a healthy item and a new exercise once a month.
    Good luck girl! I found the following on

    How to reward yourself without food:

    Announce your accomplishment to others and allow yourself to hear and soak in the congratulations.
    Buy yourself some new songs for your mp3 player. A few of my clients have created entire inspirational playlists made up of songs that each represent a specific accomplishment or milestone.
    Get a pedicure or manicure or give yourself one.
    Buy some incredible smelling lotion.
    Give yourself the gift of browsing in a store you never feel you have time to visit. One client I know gives herself a tour of her favorite nursery and dreams about her garden. Another client gifts herself with a trip to the scrapbooking store.
    Take a nap.
    Stop in the middle of the day, put your feet up and read a book or a magazine.
    See a movie.
    Take a day off—really off. Only do things you truly want to do.
    Subscribe to a magazine you want. You’ll be reminded of your reward at least once a month.
    Give yourself a free pass to say “no” to something you wouldn’t normally say no to.
    Keep a list of items you really want and purchase one when you have a win to celebrate.
    Sleep in.
    Get a massage
    Take a bubble bath