Friday, September 9, 2011

3 Month Results and Lessons

First, I completed my homework for the week from Sam.  It was hard, but not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  I completed the circuit on Wednesday and it only took me 22:01.  I thought it would take me close to an hour, so I was excited.  The for the cardio I used an elliptical machine.  I would use it at an okay pace for 2 min and then really turn it up for the next 2 min, and so on.

So, I've consistently worked out at least 3 days a week for the past 3 months now. Some weeks I work out 5 days a week, but I know I've done at least 3 days every single week.

I'm feeling alright about these results. As usual, I know I could have done a lot better. Just because you have a trainer doesn't mean the weight will fall off. I still have to do the work when I'm not with him, and I don't always do the work.

What I've Learned in the Past 3 Months:
1-I'm much stronger than I thought
2-Yes, soup can have 600 calories and 48g of fat
3-Yes, a salad can be more unhealthy than a cheeseburger
4-When your mind says "You can't possibly do this." Try it'll surprise yourself
5-Water really does make your skin look better
6-I thought I hated walking lunges...burpees are worse
This is a burpee

7-It's okay to revoke your membership to the Clean Plate Club
8-Fiber makes my tummy happy
9-You should set a few goals that don't involve the scale
10-It is possible to crave things like hummus, carrots, and grilled chicken
11-There will be bad days, but there will also be days where you feel like a FREAKING ROCKSTAR!!!
12-You should celebrate your accomplishments
13-Support is important, but make sure it is genuine and not just someone sticking around to watch you fail
14-You don't have to apologize for making healthy changes in your life
15-It's okay to say thank you after receiving a compliment (and even to believe it... emoticon) I used to be notorious for listing reasons the compliment wasn't true
16-I have to do the work, whether I'm with Sam or not
17-I still have a lot to learn

The following are before and after pics of my face. The first was taken a long time ago, but I was only 2 lbs heavier in the pic than I was at the start of this 3 month journey so, I figured my face was probably about the same. The 2nd one was taken on Sunday, 9/11/11. I can really notice a difference

I'm looking forward to the results of my next set of measurements in another 6 weeks. I may not have lost a ton of weight, but I feel SOOO much better about myself and my body is changing. I'm more dedicated now than I've ever been and I'm expecting big things. Thanks for all of the support everyone!

Also, I met my pushup goal. 3 months ago I said I wanted to be able to do 25 regular pushups in 6 months. I told Sam this and he said "You'll do it in 3." At the time I could only do 2, so I told him "I think I'll leave it at 6 months, thank you." Then he said "Look at me...3 months and that's final." Well, Sam was right...I just did 31 nonstop. My arms feel like jello now, but I did it! Whoo Hoo!


  1. A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED THIS POST!!!
    OK - 1st - who does #13??? Let me know so I can kick some *bleep*.
    LOL @ 7 & 8.
    YES @ #9!!!!!!
    #12: Celebrate, celebrate, c'mon and celebraaaate! :-)
    #14, no , you don't.
    #15 - been there, still struggling with it but life is better when you say "thank you" and believe it. :-)
    #17 - we all do. Live and learn, learn and live.
    31 non-stop push-ups!?! GO 'HEAD!!!
    I can tell the difference. Keep up the good work. SUPERSTAR!! (Molly Shannon, lol)

  2. You are SO pretty!!!