Saturday, September 24, 2011

Turning Into One of THEM

Sorry for the delay.  It's been a busy week...research, work, studying for get the idea.  Anyway, this has been a super week.  I've had some really great workouts that have challenged me every step of the way.  I honestly can't remember everything I did on Monday and Friday.  Wednesday was homework day.

2 laps
10 push-ups
2 laps
10 burpees

I had to do this for 6 rounds.  This means I jogged 3 miles, did 60 push-ups, and 60 burpees.  I thought it would never end lol!  It took me 50 min 50 sec to finish.  I went to do this at the Rec Center as soon as I got off on Wednesday morning.  I was in the middle of round 1 and guess who comes upstairs with a client...Sam.  He looks at me and says "faster faster" lol!  Part of me was happy he saw me doing things on my own, so he knows I'm really putting in the work.  Another part of me was thinking oh no, now I really have to do it lol!  When I met with him on Friday he said when he saw me jogging on Wednesday he was so happy and felt like a proud father haha!

Let me give you a few videos of exercises I had to do this week that completely wore me out:

1. Weighted Rope Jumping Jacks
This is incredibly hard.  These ropes are super heavy and I felt like my arms were going to fall off.  I had to do 3 rounds of 30 on Monday.

2. Stability ball Push-Ups, Stability Ball Knee Tuck (In and Outs), Stability Ball Press
I could not find a video of what Sam called a press.  I did the push-up, immediately went into the knee tuck, and from the tuck to the "press".  Basically when you are back in the push-up position at the end of the knee tuck, press your hands into the ground and your body backwards on the ball (almost like you're trying to roll off of it backwards).  Once you push back as far as you can, then bring yourself forward again to the push-ups position.  It's almost a kind of stretch, but it works your arms and core like crazy.  Sorry if I did not explain it well enough.  I don't have a stability ball, so I can't just film myself.  I did 3 sets of 5 of these and believe me...that was PLENTY.  I'm sore as I type this.

3. Thrusters
I had 2-15 lb dumbbells.  I've done these in the past and it has not gotten any easier.  I had to do 3 rounds of 13 on Friday.

4. Box Jumps
For some reason these were very intimidating to me.  To be honest, I can remember the last time I jumped onto something with both feet like this.  I was always paranoid that I was not going to jump quite high enough and only hit the edge of the "box" and fall lol!  I did 3 rounds of 30 of these on Friday and boy they can wear you out big time!

5. Walking on Incline
On Monday I had to walk at a 12% incline.  At first, I thought "no problem".  After about a minute I was thinking will this ever end?  haha!  It was difficult for me, but I can say that if you do this consistently you should have killer legs!

It's funny how hard workouts motivate me to do more.

My food this week has been pretty good except for last night.  I went to a Mexican restaurant and had a taco salad made with steak.  I honestly probably wasn't too bad on its own because I did not eat the fried shell it came in.  I DID eat chips and cheese dip though plus a frozen mango margarita.  Eeeek!  Other than that I had a great food week.

This morning I woke up and my arms and core were pretty sore.  I thought to myself " hurts so good.  I like this.  Sore IS good.......wait a sec.....Did I just think that?  Oh my, I'm turning into one of those crazy fitness people...mmm mmm mmm."  That was literally what when on in my head lol!  Then I got out of bed and did Zumba on Wii for 45 min.  Here's the sweaty pic I took afterwards.
So, looking at this now, you can't really tell I was sweaty, but I PROMISE I was soaking.  It just didn't translate well in the pic.  Yes, I know I look a mess with the headscarf on, but I like that my face looks thinner.  So, I'm posting it anyway!

Today I'm posting a zumba routine instead of a song since that's what I did this morning.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. Lookin' good!!!
    YOU ARE A CHAMP!!! There's no way I could have finished that in less than an hour. I don't think I COULD have finished it! SO SERIOUS.
    Oooh, frozen mango margarita!! YUM - consider that a celebration! LOL