Friday, September 16, 2011

Are You Serious? Really????

I cannot even count the number of times I said "Are you serious?" to Sam today.  If I was not saying that I was saying "Really???"  Yeah, it was one of those days.

Yesterday I was really excited to see him today.  I have not seen him for a session in quite awhile.  Last Friday he had to cancel because of an emergency and this past Monday I had to cancel because I was out of town.  I have been doing my homework, so I just felt like a superstar!  Well, I had to work last night, so by the time Friday morning came I was exhausted.  Plus, I was having shin issues.  I was really hoping for an easy day with Sam (cue insane laughter here).

We talked about what we both had been up to and I told him what issues I was having with the homework.  I also let him know I planned to be completely dedicated during this current 6 week stretch.  He thought I had been completely dedicated already.  So, I had to explain to him what I was REALLY doing when I was not around him.  Then he said we were doing a circuit of 2 min on a cardio machine then 3 exercises and we would do it twice.  I big deal...right....WRONG!!!!  This is what I had to do today

Treadmill jog for 2 min
1 min Mountain Climbers
20 Thrusters  (30 lb barbell)
20 Leg Lifts

Stationary Bike keep rpm above 80 for 2 min
30 sec Squats w/ Pulse
20 non-modified Pushups
20 Wall Balls

Elliptical Trainer keeps steps per minture above 120 for 2 min
15 Alligator Walk  (instead of a quick continuous movement I walked my hands out after I moved each leg)
1  min Burpees
20 TRX Row
2 min Rowing Machine

2 min water break then do it all over again

Looking at this typed out, it doesn't look like much, but just try it.  It's torture.  This will seriously get tagged as an insane workout.  When I left the gym my body just felt like dead weight.  I was not sore...yet, but it felt like body parts were just there.  I have to admit though, once I was done I felt amazing.  I had this Superwoman or She-Ra (I know I'm not the only person who watched She-Ra) glow. The fact I had completed this monster of a workout made me feel invincible.  I wanted to go jog a mile and had delusions of kickboxing.  Yeah, that would be the endorphins kicking in. 
No worries, I listened to my head and got in the car and headed crazy extra working out.  Good thing, because less than 24hrs later.  I am ridiculously sore.  I normally feel my worst close to 24-36 hrs later, so I am not looking forward to the soreness I will have after I wake up tomorrow.

My eating is going really well so far this week.  I only had one slip up and that was Thursday.  Wendy's was calling my name and I ordered a value french fry and a crispy chicken sandwich.  I had eaten so well previously in the day that even with the Wendy's food I was in range for the day.  I think only having one slip up in a week is pretty wonderful knowing how I normally eat.  Mrs. Dash has become my friend.  I was shocked by how many salt free seasoning are in the grocery store.  I currently own three (garlic and herb, chicken blend, and lemon pepper).  Right now they are enough to keep my taste buds entertained. 

Saturdays are my weigh in days, so I'm hoping this week has paid off.  Unless I do something spectacular I won't blog over the weekend.  So, you'll have to wait to find out how my weekly weigh in went.  Regardless, I can say that I feel better.  I honestly feel smaller, whether I actually am or not.  I've had a successful week and for that I am proud.  I feel like celebrating!

Today's song was chosen because I feel good!  So, push play and get moving people!
Cobra Starship - You Make Me Feel...

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  1. LOVE!! This post was so entertaining and enthusiastic/upbeat! I can really tell you're enjoying the process. Keep up the good work! Go ahead and celebrate - you deserve it!!

    Next time, save the truth until AFTER the workout! :-)