Tuesday, October 25, 2011

18 Week Measurements

I took my 18 week (really 19 weeks) measurement.  Here you go:

If I look at my progress over the last 3 weeks I am pleased.  As you can see, on 9/9/11 I weighed 231.  Well, 3 or 4 weeks ago I weighed close to 235.  So, to now be at 227.2 I’ve done a good job over the past few weeks.  With that being said, I also think about where I would be now if I had not gained and had to lose that.  There’s nothing I can do about that now, but I did want to mention it. 
Negatives (Yes, there are negatives, because I always feel I can do better):
I gained during the 6 weeks and had to lose that.
I stopped working out for 2 weeks during this 6 weeks.
Gameday Saturdays: I’m normally eating poorly and drinking mixed drinks while watching the game.  I think we all know wings or nachos and margaritas are not calorie friendly.

I’m 0.2 lbs away from 20 lbs lost since I got serious this summer.  Also, since my heaviest (249) I have lost over 20 lbs!  That’s so exciting.
I’ve gone from a tight size 18/ comfortable 20 to a size 16 that fits.  I use the word fit because I’m used to wearing oversized clothing and to me they (a pair of jeans) seem a little tight, but every single person I know says they fit the way they are supposed to.  I guess the bottom line is I don’t have to suck in to button them, I can sit with no problem, and without a belt the waist would slide down.
I lost an inch around my belly (the navel measurement) and I finally lost something (0.25 inches) around my arm.  I pay the most attention to my navel and arm measurements.  I think everyone wants a smaller tummy and I’m really not a fan of my huge arms, so I’ve been waiting and waiting for that number to go down.
I have not had fast food in awhile, so I’m cooking at home more and I’m making better choices.  I’m also better at fighting cravings or at least finding substitutes that are nutritionally better for me.
I have pretty much been drinking water only.  I would say I’m drinking water 99% of the time.  I don’t drink sodas at all anymore, but I think I’ve had the Lipton green tea once or twice.
Overall, I lost 2.5 inches and 3.8 lbs.  That’s 2.5 inches and 3.8 lbs gone over 6 weeks that I never want to see again.  So yay!  Losing anything at all is always a success to me!


  1. Aside from the numbers going down, I think the most impressive thing is that there IS a chart with more than one column - meaning you're sticking with it. Great job! Keep up the good work!

  2. I think that is awesome!! Congrats to you. Having this will help you keep motivated because we sometimes dont see that change in ourselves but the #'s don't lie!! So happy and proud of you. I was 200pounds at my heaviest and I know how tough of a struggle loosing weight is. Just keep with it Briana and you will love the results! PROMISE