Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 Years in the Making

(I originally wrote this blog on Friday, Oct. 21, 2011)
First, and most importantly, it’s time for the Dora song. I DID IT!  I DID IT! I DID IT!  YAY!  I am now in the 220s, which is the lowest weight I’ve been in over 2 years!  I’m so excited!  REALLY EXCITED!  Can’t you tell by all the exclamation marks!  Lol!  Today was not my official weigh in day, but since I was only 0.6 lbs away, I’ve been stepping on the scale every other day.  I want to celebrate, but I can’t think of a reward that does not involve food, alcohol, or money (I’m trying to spend less right now).  I am less than 3 lbs away from the lowest weight I’ve been in many many years, probably somewhere between 6-8 years.  Since that’s so close maybe I’ll save the reward for that milestone.  I’m eyeing a dress that’s on clearance for $15, and I’m thinking that might be my reward when I lose the next 3 lbs.  Yes, I know, I know…I said a reward that does not involve money.  So, this is when I need for you good people to give me other options.  I seriously cannot think of anything else.  It’s also alright for you to say “just get the dress Briana.”  Haha! 
In other news I saw Sam today.  Goodness, I’ve missed him.  I have not seen him in close to 3 weeks.  I’m actually going to have to stop seeing him for a couple of months, but I still had a couple of sessions that I had already paid for.    So, I’m using them.  It’s amazing how quickly I lost all the endurance I had gained with him since June.  3 weeks off probably undid 60% of the strength and endurance I had gained in over 3 months.  I was still better today than I had been the very first time I saw him.  So, that’s good, but whew today was rough.  I had to stop and go to the bathroom because I thought I was going to vomit.    I actually had to stop twice.  Sam is not a believer in the Biggest Loser style of working out.  He doesn’t believe you should workout more than an hour and he doesn’t want you to be sick.    That is not the point of what he does.  So after the second time I was about to vomit we quit for the day.  This means I did not do the last 3 exercises (curl to press, dips, and v-ups) of the final round.  In all honesty, if Sam had said to finish I would have done it, but I was glad he said to stop.  Part of what I like about Sam’s workouts so much is that we rarely use machines.  This means when I am no longer seeing him I can still do a majority of things at home.  Today I would only need dumbbells (which I already have) for the curl to press.  Everything else used my body weight.  So, here’s what I did today.
50 Jumping Jacks
40 Squats
30 Modified Push Ups
40 Lunges
10 V-Ups
On a side note, I have taken my newest set of 6 week measurements, but I’ll post that on Tuesday after the WLB results go up for the week.  So, come back on Tuesday!
I discovered today's song during a Zumba class.

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  1. Woot, woot!!!!!!!!!
    Buy the dress. :-)
    I like Sam. Clone and mail him. Thanks.