Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Do You

The Week 2 WLB Results are in.  I'm down 3 lbs in two weeks and that is good, but when I look at where I rank with the other ladies...I feel awful.   I keep having to make mental adjustments.  In the past I've really only looked at my own numbers and for the most part I am generally pleased with them.  So, when I see others posting huge numbers I think "crap!"  Then I realize that I have to just do me.  A loss is a loss is a loss, and I'm losing lbs and inches, so in the words on Charlie Sheen, "I'm WINNING." Sorry, I just couldn't help it lol!

I'm currently at work and I have the urge to go jogging, which I have not done in quite awhile, so that's exactly what I plan to do.  We have had a huge drop in temp though, so it might be pretty cold when I go.  It's supposed to be between 37 and 57 today.  I like cooler temps, but I don't like the 30s.  I've been thinking more and more about getting on a jogging schedule.  I consistently jogged about 2 years ago for 2 months and after the first 3 weeks or so I really enjoyed it.  Plus, I dropped weight. 

I'm really hoping this upcoming weigh in goes well.  I am 0.6 lbs away from a weight I have not seen in 2 years.  After that, I will be about 5 lbs away from a weight I have not seen in probably 7 years.  So, I have some pretty big scale milestones coming up and I'm excited. 

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Beyonce - Get Me Bodied


  1. I'm glad you're not allowing anyone elses losses define your own success. Its hard not to get caught up in the competitive aspect. I love milestones and goodness your soooooo close :0)

  2. Just found your blog.....WOW, your so close. That's awesome. Keep it up girl, you can do it.

  3. Great comments!
    Love that SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!