Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally Started Jogging Again

Whew...I FINALLY started training for the half marathon I want to do in April.  Maybe I should say I finally started Couch to 5K, because I am a long long way form a half marathon.  I'm honestly not even sure I'll be able to jog the whole thing in April, but I'm going to try.  If I can't, that's okay.  I should be able to at least jog a good bit of it by then if I stay on track.  I'm starting with Couch to 5K, after that I am not sure if I want to look at beginners half marathon plans or go to the Bridge to 10K.  I'll look into it more when I get to that point.

Today I began with Week 3 Day 1 of Couch to 5K.  I made a few modifications.
Original Plan:
5 minute warm-up
jog 90 sec
walk 90 sec
jog 3 min
walk 3 min
(repeat x2)

My Plan:
10 minute warm-up (I know from previous attempts that I need a good 10 minute warm-up if I do not want to be in pain halfway through my workout
3 min jog (I like to start with the longer jog first)
90 sec walk (I knew I did not need the full 3 min walk to recover)
90 sec jog
90 sec walk

Instead of only doing this twice I did it until I reached my car again.  I think I did this 3.5 times before I decided to walk in order to cool down, because I could see my car coming up.  I ended up doing 2.8 miles in 42:54.  This is somewhere near a 15 minute mile.  Which isn't the fastest time in the world, but I really don't care lol!  I'm just getting back into jogging and I'm super proud of myself for finishing.  So, Day 1 is in the books for me and I can officially say that I have started training for a half marathon!  Whoo Hoo!

There might be a 5k in December that i will look into.  We'll see.  I had forgotten how great it feels to accomplish something new.  Lately I had been dialing it in and fixing what I eat in order to compensate.  Well, I feel awesome right now!  My calves are starting to stiffen up a little bit, so I'm going to rub them out.  I glad I set this goal.  It seems to be what I need right now. 

Oh, Win, Lose, or Blog has ended and I will let you all know how I did on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It was a great experience.

I'm taking it back a few decades for today's song!
The Gap Band - Early in the Morning


  1. AWESOME! I'm in week 4 of the C25K program as written. It's such a huge jump from the week 3 intervals, but I managed to do d1 so far... d2 run will be tonight. Here's hoping :)

  2. I really, really need to do this, too. I get bored easy, but am a little nervous about such a big challenge. Sounds like you did awesome (as usual!!!).

  3. Awesome job! Keep it up, don't doubt yourself either. Your body will surprise you with what it can do, don't talk yourself out of it!! You can jog the whole thing with a little push :)

  4. Great job! I did the day one the other day..early in the morning...when no one would see me...It felt good but I was sore for a few days.