Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Catching Up

Today's post is just full of small updates

I have not started yet.  If I was going to give excuses I would say I've been tired.  The truth is that It has been 20 degrees outside when I have planned to go jogging and i just cannot bring myself to do it.  I have just started my off week, so now I'll be able to go jogging midday when it should be around 50 degrees.  50 is so much better than 20.  Therefore, I'm going jogging today no matter what.

New Wii Games
My best friend bought me the Your Shape Wii game.
Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy with Camera (Nintendo Wii)
Amazon Link to game

I'm excited to try this out.  I love my Wii and I easily get excited about new workout games.  This one is not new, but it is new to me, so I'm pumped.  I'll have to let you all know what I think about it later.

Also Zumba 2 is out.  It came out on Tuesday.  The reviews for it are really good and most people are saying it is much much better than the first one.  I already know the graphics are better, you can now pause in the middle of a routine, and you can make your own playlist (those were my 3 biggest complaints about the original game).  I think my sister will get it for me for Christmas.  Yay!
Zumba 2 Amazon Link

My food has been awesome the past couple of days, so I am really pleased about that.  This is the last week for WLB, so although my exercise has not been fantastic I'm glad my food has been on track.  I always feel so much better when I eat the right things.  I'm going to look online for a nice crockpot meal for today I think.

I'm planning to spend a good bit of the weekend watching holiday movies on The Hallmark Channel.  I have already looked at the lineup and some of my favorites will be on this weekend.  This is the first time all football season that I have no plans for Saturday.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  Maybe that's a good thing and I won't eat horrible bar food lol!  Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!

Madagascar version of I Like to Move It

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