Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Measurements

First, are you all getting little ads at the bottom of the screen when you log on to Blogger now?  I am and it is sooooo annoying.  I am really not a fan of this.  Ugh!

I have taken new measurements and here they go:

I did not expect very much with my measurements this time, because I know I have not been as dedicated.
-still lost around my belly
-lost an inch total
-lost 3 lbs
-have lost 15.25 inches overall
-have lost 23 lbs since this summer (began the summer at 247)

I don't see that much of a difference in the month to month photos, but I definitely see a difference when I put the heaviest photo and my most recent photo side by side.  Yay me!  lol!

This next 5 weeks or so I am going to make a commitment to do better than ever.  I have become complacent and I know I can do better, so I am going to do better.  I have jogging and a really good strength training routine from Oxygen Magazine.  I really have everything I need.  I just have to get dedicated again.  I'm expecting great results next time!

Goals for next time:
-lose 5 inches total
-lose 5 lbs
-workout at least 4 days every week
-stay on track with my jogging


  1. Oh, I can tell a difference, you look great. Keep it up. It will feel great seeing everyone over the holidays and hearing their compliments! :)

  2. woooohooo! You look amazing!!!! You are rocking it!

  3. Awesome! There is a huge difference!

    I am not getting any ads on blogger.

  4. amazing job!!! you are looking so good!! keep up the hard work!